Growth & Balance

Dedicated to Training

Professional development never ends. Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience under your belt, MaloneBailey’s ongoing training programs are designed to enhance your capabilities. From technical skills to interpersonal communication skills, our library of re-usable training segments (electronic) as well as onsite training sessions provide our staff and “friends” with resources, guided by GAAP and GAAS, to help them stay current against the backdrop of ever-changing rules and regulations.

Dedicated to Balance

MaloneBailey’s challenging work environment is complemented by a work-life balance initiative and firm-wide social activities. With a Wii in our training room, we believe in balancing out the rigors of account work with a dose of fun and games. From time to time, you’ll even see one of the Partners enjoying a game of Wii tennis or bowling.

A social element is tightly woven into the culture of MaloneBailey. Whether we are celebrating birthdays, the Chinese New Year, St. Patrick’s Day or the holidays, our staff enjoys time together on a monthly basis where the topic of conversation is usually unrelated to work!

Staff and Interns have unique opportunities:

  • Customize your career and learn from top talent
  • Obtain hands-on experience by working directly with our clients of multiple industry lines
  • Flexible work hours and virtual auditing options
  • Strengthen your skills with technical & soft skill training
  • Work in an office, not a cubicle, and use multiple monitors
  • Participate on comittees, including the NextGen Council
  • Build professional references
  • Receive CPA reimbursement
  • Enjoy computer set-up at home
  • Market leading compensation & comprehensive benefits
  • Firm-wide green/sustainability program

NextGen Council

You won’t find this at other firms. The purpose of the NextGen Council is to explore and understand how Gen Y, our future leaders – those under 28 years of age, views the Firm and its future. Members of this Council meet regularly with the Managing Partner and the Council is exclusively made up of Millennials – aka Gen Y.

Because we understand and anticipate that the firm will eventually belong to the next generation, MaloneBailey’s leadership wants to know what matters most to tomorrow’s leaders.