Competition by Fees (New York)

MaloneBailey LLP New York Competition How MaloneBailey Compares with the Top New York Firms

Current as of December 2010

The table below represents New York firms that conduct SEC audit work and Non-Top 100 firms with a significant New York client presence.

MaloneBailey, LLP specializes in auditing smaller SEC companies, so while our average audit size is smaller than the competition, these audits make up 78% of our practice. This niche focus has enabled us to develop a thorough understanding of small public company audit complexities and offer high quality and efficient audits. Our commitment to deliver small public company audit services has enabled our practice to become one of the largest SEC practices in the U.S. and still growing. 

  Firm Annual Revenues
(per 2009
Acctg Today)
Est. SEC
Audit Fees
(per latest
filings 12/10
Fees as %
of Total
Per Client
SEC Client
Count Incl.
Reg. Statements
Top 100 Firms with a New York Client Presence          
Marcum $234,000,000 $24,000,000 10% $240,000 100
EisnerAmper, LLP (fka Eisner & Amper, Politziner & Mattia) 133,000,000 18,800,000 16% 308,197 61
MaloneBailey, LLP 14,100,000 11,000,000 78% 78,571 140
J.H. Cohn 235,000,000 10,600,000 4% 265,000 40
Friedman 60,000,000 5,800,000 9% 107,407 54
Rothstein Kass 170,000,000 3,300,000 2% 143,478 23
Weiser 128,000,000 2,150,000 1% 358,333 6
Holtz Rubenstein Reminick 35,000,000 1,920,000 5% 120,000 16
Withum Smith & Brown 72,000,000 1,830,000 2% 261,429 7


Non-Top 100 Firms with a New York Client Presence          
Sherb & Company - 4,300,000 - 60,563 71
MSPC (fka Moore Stephens, PC) - 2,700,000 - 225,000 12


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*Number of SEC clients includes only companies that filed their last periodic report no earlier than July 2010.

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