Competition by Fees (Non-Top 100)

How MaloneBailey Compares with Non-Top 100 Firms that Perform Significant SEC Work

Current as of May 2011

We have two types of competitors – ‘Top 100′ firms and the smaller local firms

‘Smaller local firms’ – the below is a list that we’ve compiled of our main competitors. We have by far the largest SEC practice of all non-Top 100 firms in North America. This size attribute is critical because only multiple audit partners and staff practicing these unique types of audits full-time can attain the depth of expertise that our firm already possesses. This depth of expertise enables us to deliver thorough and efficient audits as a result. The table below represents the largest United States and Canada accounting firms outside of the Top 100 Accounting Firms (per Inside Public Accounting newsletter) ranked by the fee volume of audits and other work performed for publicly-owned companies traded on a United States stock exchange.

  Est. SEC Audit Fees (per
latest filings
5/11 )
SEC Fees Per Client
*SEC Client Count
Incl. Reg. Statements
MaloneBailey, LLP (Houston, New York & Shenzhen) $8,750,000 $70,000 125
GHP Horwath (Denver) 5,600,000 280,000 20
Sherb & Company (New York) 3,900,000 54,930 71
Perry-Smith (Sacramento) 3,350,000 209,375 16
Wolf & Company (Boston) 3,350,000 279,167 12
RBSM, (fka Russell Bedford Stefanou Mirchandani) (Washington DC) 3,300,000 78,571 42
SR Snodgrass (Pittsburgh) 3,250,000 147,727 22
Yount Hyde & Barbour (Washington DC) 3,060,000 139,091 22
PMB Helin Donovan (Los Angeles, Austin) 2,950,000 71,951 41
Porter Keadle Moore (Atlanta) 2,900,000 322,222 9
Kabani & Company (Los Angeles) 2,800,000 100,000 28
Weinberg & Company (Miami) 2,700,000 128,571 21
Hansen Barnett & Maxwell (Salt Lake City) 2,650,000 119,318 22
Goldman Kurland Mohidin, LLP (Los Angeles) 2,400,000 96,000 25
MSPC (fka Moore Stephens, PC) (New York) 2,340,000 260,000 9
Stegman & Company, P.A. (Baltimore, MD) 2,250,000 125,000 18
Odenberg Ullakko Muranishi & Co) (San Francisco) 2,200,000 275,000 8
M&K CPAs (Houston) 2,100,000 18,103 116


The data above was compiled by MaloneBailey, LLP using the subscription service.  “Per, a subsidiary of Ives, Inc.”

*Number of SEC clients includes only companies that filed their last periodic report no earlier than December 2010.

Deregistered companies have been subtracted out, as they are no longer publicly filing. Additionally, this analysis does not include entities classified as Funds or Trusts. Research is provided “as is” and does not constitute an offer or warranty for any of the companies described herein. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the written consent of IVES Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. All research contained in this report is based on the premium research available via a subscription to is a premium on-line market intelligence service available from the IVES Group Inc. a leading research provider focused on the accounting, insurance, and investment communities. For information, call (508) 476-7007, email or visit

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